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Our Story


A Virtuous Vision

Virtue Tech Inc. was founded in 2010 in Atlanta, GA, with a dream to provide innovative and customer-focused consulting and digital transformation services with unparalleled value. We are customer-obsessed and focused on keeping your initiatives a priority.   Our advisors and strategists are continually improving our services and customer engagement to provide our customers with a genuinely groundbreaking service in cloud services, big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Business Intelligence (BI).  We think that’s a virtuous goal, indeed.


Always Innovating

In the decade since our founding, we’ve seamlessly adapted to evolving technologies. We got our start in providing decision support and data warehouse services to help our clients streamline their BI reporting and make informed, data-based decisions.  We expanded as technology evolved to offering mobile services, and now we help our clients advance their business goals & objectives in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment, while supporting numerous ERP/packaged solutions, SaaS solutions – architecting, configuring and implementing in their distributed landscape, and with digital transformation, migration, BI, ML and AI services.”


Exponential Growth

Our adaptive and future-focused outlook and our commitment to providing expert consulting services have paid off.  Our local customer base has grown into a global network of clients, and we’ve expanded globally to match.  From our single Atlanta, GA office, we now have offices in the U.S., Canada, and India. In 2018 we partnered with AWS, and we’re expanding even further to partner with Azure by the end of the year.

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Looking ahead

We’ve grown exponentially in our first decade, and we’re excited to keep expanding in this one!   We’ve always been a forward-thinking company, and we evolve in lock-step with emerging technologies.  With Virtue Tech, you can be confident that our experienced team will have your business operating and inovating at the forefront with the newest technology in digital transformation.


  • Virtue Tech, Inc. opens its doors in 2010 in Atlanta, GA.
  • In 2012, we move to the west coast, expanding into our Seattle, WA office.
  • Virtue Tech, Inc. goes global with offices in India in 2017 and Canada in 2018.
  • We partner with AWS in 2018 to continue to provide customers with affordable and effective cloud computing services.
  • We expand to offer services in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Business Intelligence (BI), and Blockchain.
  • We set our sights on expanding to work with Azure in addition to AWS.

Why Virtue Tech?