Remote Infra Services refers to remotely managing information technology (IT) set-up such as workstations – desktops, laptops, notebooks, along with servers, network devices, storage devices, IT security devices of a company. Our Remote Infra Services embrace a 360° view of customer interactions along with the set up to enhance end-user capabilities. This enables customers to off-load the responsibility of a day-to-day management and administration information security safely to VirtueTech to manage and monitor.

Our major sub-services to augment the remote experience:

Remote Infra Services has achieved tremendous popularity amongst the businesses as it offers valuable benefits such as cost advantage, helping internal IT teams to concentrate on strategic goals and off load the day to day IT operations management and increased focus on innovation.


Step-Up Kit

On Site
Staff Augmentation

Reporting Components

Comprehensive Monthly Reporting
Capacity Management
Upgrade planning

24 x 7 Monitoring and alerting

Proactive IDM infrastructure management
Address small issues before they become big
Automate system alerts and situation revocation


Performance and Health Checks
Market Trends and Best Practice reviews


Preventive Maintenance
Minimize Disruptions
Maintain Security Posture

Major Advantages Highlights

Enhanced ROI on IT investments to manage and control your operational costs
Closer alignment of business and Information Technology units
Process optimization and operational efficiency to better monitor your resources
Higher-quality IT services at a lower cost but, faster time-to-market

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