VirtueTech assists organizations in easy business transformation through Assessments, Planning and migrating workloads seamless and quick makeover establishing the scalability and flexibility of cloud features.


Step-Up Kit

VirtueTech’s AWS cloud migration Step-Up kit comprises of open source and licensed tools to accelerate migration. Tasks such as Server migration, Data migration, Pre-Built Cloud Templates, and Integrated Continuous Deployment can be achieved. The Step-Up Kit helps in migrating applications and data faster, and more effectively than our competitors.


Our experience relies on supporting the clients on demand – whether it is to scale up or down, the migration engagement is tailored based on the needs.

Migration Models

VirtueTech serves the clients with every possible Cloud migration models – Full, phased and hybrid.
Our AWS Cloud migration strategies are designed to fork lift, embrace and optimize the cloud, to migrate from On Premises/ Data centers to public, Hybrid or Private cloud.


Our migration approaches and methodologies are popularly acclaimed and process-oriented endorsed with detailed design, templates and checklists to ensure actionable steps in the AWS sphere

Secured workloads

VirtueTech has a proven record in successfully helping organizations resolve their complex IT and business challenges while immensely reducing their time to market. Our specialists team thunders in migrating secured and mission critical workloads to AWS Public Cloud aligning to best business practices and compliance.


VirtueTech’s team consists of certified AWS practitioners who have experience and knowledge in Amazon Web Services, other public cloud providers and VMware Hybrid Cloud assuring the success to all business initiatives.

Our Customers