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Internet of Things(IoT)

VirTueTech IoT solutions help make enterprises smarter, agile, and more automated, thus be a smartly connected enterprise. With the implementation of IoT solutions, organizations have been able to improve business productivity by up to 30% and reduce costs by 20%.

Virtue Tech IoT Specific Services

IoT Consulting

VT IoT Consulting & advisory services help you embark on the end to end IoT Journey involving business case preparation, domain-based value chain mapping, organizational readiness, technology stack

IoT App Development

With deep domain & IoT architecture expertise by leveraging partner products/platforms, we offer full-cycle IoT application development services. We help clients identify the best suitable use cases, design workflows, and develop solutions for seamless business processes automation.

Analytics & Insights

Virtue Tech also offer proactive and predictive analytic solutions, to measure and gauge the effectiveness of Internet of Things utility & usage. Get the best insights to reduce the operational cost.

Virtue Tech IoT Based Digital Transformation Solutions


Plant digitalization using IoT

Virtuetech Plant digitalization solution helps to manage the plant lifecycle data at a central place and in a secure way that enables informed and better decision making. 

Reduce Energy Usage

With plant digitalization, you can track energy usage in real-time, which can help you identify what equipment uses the most energy. Accordingly, you can make changes and save energy costs that directly affect the organization’s bottom line.

Manage Assets Effectively

Central management of all the plant equipment data, maintenance instructions & timeline, asset history, cause & effects increases the capability of O&M teams to handle equipment efficiently, thus increasing overall asset life.

Reduce Downtime

Predictive and preventive maintenance of equipment helps to eliminate unplanned maintenance, predict machine failure, and machine breakdowns.


Indoor Asset Tracking

VirtueTech Indoor asset tracking solution helps to identify people and objects, usually within a building or closed premises, which GPS typically would fail.

Improve Operational Efficiency 

Few main areas of indoor asset tracking applications are inbound and outbound goods control, order monitoring, inventory, and data management. Goods can be identified and tracked fully automated along the entire supply chain, which can improve operational efficiency.

Improve Employee Productivity

With indoor asset tracking, your employees are updated as soon as components arrive in the facility. This can save employees’ valuable time by reducing unnecessary search time.

Indoor Asset Management

Inventory management done through indoor asset management has yielded better results than using a legacy system like RFID or BLE Low Energy (BLE). Whether for order fulfillment or record-keeping, physically find an item, scan its barcode, and update inventory.


Fleet Management

VirtueTech can enable you to revolutionize your fleet management and turned the idea of connected vehicles into reality. With VT fleet management through IoT, fleet operators can get real-time fleet visibility and monitor the entire fleet through a central system. 

Optimizing Fleet Operations And Better Decision Making

IoT creates a connected ecosystem by collaborating disparate technologies, including cloud and big data, in real-time. Fleet operators can integrate their existing ERP system with smart fleet management solutions, which helps enterprise management make informed decisions.

Preventive Maintenance

Sensors-equipped vehicles can send automated signals to the central system. Alerts regarding tyre pressure and service requirements such as coolant temperature, low battery, engine check, reminders of inspection, and other vehicle-related factors enable fleet owners to provide preventive maintenance and ensure vehicle safety in the longer run.


Industrial IoT

Our IoT solution leverages smart sensors and actuators to enhance enterprise manufacturing and industrial processes. VT Industry 4.0 solution that monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze data.

Improve Field Service

With IIoT, field technicians can identify customer equipment issues before they occur or become major issues, thus reducing downtime.

Optimize Production

Monitor and optimize production 24×7 anywhere – view KPIs, gaps, root cause, and history.

Smart Factory 

Smart Factory, the ultimate goal for manufacturing operations, can be accomplished by applying industrial IoT methods in the operations along with AI and ML.

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