Complexity in managing the IT Infrastructure, surging maintenance costs and the lack of proper resources to manage the IT infrastructure across various departments are major challenges faced by organizations today.

Data Center Services

  • Managing enterprise data center facilities is a critical function for ensuring business continuity and maximizing productivity. VirtueTech’s Data Center Solution offerings work with enterprise organizations to develop data center road maps, plan and execute migrations, consolidations, build outs and moves.
  • VirtueTech’s target environments include hosted sites, various managed solutions, public and private clouds and migrations between client-owned data centers. VirtueTech’s delivery model is flexible with turnkey solutions to partnering with clients based on their needs to complete the intended transition.

Data Center Assessment

  • VirtueTech can help you to manage your IT Infrastructure to make efficient use of hardware and IT resources to help lower TCO, CAPEX and OPEX.

Data Center Build and Migration

  • Enterprise organizations’ data center assets may be insufficient for future growth or consist of a vast array of diverse and costly facilities. VirtueTech’s Data Centre migration or consolidation offering helps organizations increase capacity, cut costs and simplify process.


Data Center Management

  • With VirtueTech’s Data Center Management Services, it is possible to provision, manage, and address the organizational needs to ensure continuous delivery of data center operations and management services to its customers and end users for all mission- and business-critical applications. These services also allow the flexibility to address the ever-changing business demands, market trends, and cost pressures.

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