Data Analysis with R

Date(s) - 01/11/2019
10:00 am - 11:30 am

This webinar is based on the libraries and packages which are trending in market for the year 2019 for Data Analysis with R language.

About this Event

The below libraries will be discussed for Data Analysis with R language.

The list of libraries include:

  • Infer
  • Janitor – Simple tools for cleaning in R
  • Esquisse – R studio add-in to make plots with ggplot2
  • DataExplorer
  • Sparklyr
  • Drake – A pipeline toolkit for reproducible high computing performance toolkit
  • DALEX – Descriptive machine learning explanations

About Speaker:

Radhika Subramanian (Datar), Senior Software Developer turned into Data Scientist and Training consultant. She’s well experienced in Deep Learning and data analysis.

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