VirtueTech’s full-fledged DBA team provides full-time equivalent
service to support database clustering and replication, extending our near
100% SLA to the database platform.


The ability to scale up quickly and at a minimum cost investment, with no external requirement for capital expenditure. Pay only for the resources that are to be used and have the advantage to extend across new ones almost instantaneously.

Better Security

While there are security considerations with any technology selection, organizations can often benefit from improved security and better business continuity planning.

Lower TCO and Staffing Requirements

As organizations increase their adoption of cloud databases, many choose to decommission unnecessary databases and consolidate others, in many cases achieving significant data consolidation, far less demand on IT, and significant savings on IT management and licensing costs


Organizations can scale cloud database deployments both vertically and horizontally and engage in use case testing with minimal cost deployment


Organizations subject to comply with regulatory requirements can achieve lower-cost compliance with less resource commitment and risk of compliance fatigue.



During the migration process, the source database will continue to remain available, allowing reliant
applications to continue operations without interruptions. VirtueTech’s standardized processes allow
organizations to experience the same levels of security, availability and continuous
up-time throughout migration. This process includes:


Finally, we test the relevant applications associated with cloud’s database environments to determine potential risks and reduce or negate any chance of exposing data post-migration.

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