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Every business action creates data, when looking at a business process we see a stream of data that flows from each department and each enterprise. Leverage this stream of data to find hidden gems of insights, that help better your business processes and showcase future opportunities. Helping you maximize profits and gain a competitive edge.

We simplify the digital revolution for your enterprise, by providing an end-to-end implementation for all your data needs. From a single source of data that consolidates business processes to high level dashboards and visualizations for important decisions.

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Look inward to find the details and nuances of your enterprise, providing further detail of the many business processes that are not associated with day to day business activities. Finding areas of inefficiencies, of uneven integration, low visibility, and low accountability, allowing you to take action and streamline the business process. Look outward, understand your competitors as never before by examining the various ways in which you differ, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise. Providing you with opportunities of growth and increased market dominance in your niche.


Data Lakes

Legacy data storage slowing you down? VT offers a one-stop solution for all your data needs, by designing and implementing a data lake that forms the basis for all your data needs.

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Data Engineering

Leverage our industry experience to implement data models, understand the information flow in your organization and highlight the key areas for growth and improvement.

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Business Intelligence

Get a bird’s eye view of your business processes, gaining a deeper insight through new perspectives formed through data analytics. Utilize high-level visualizations and dashboards to drive data decisions in your organization

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