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An introduction to Data Engineering Services and Solutions 

The need for rich data for better and quicker decision making

VirtueTech provides a full stack of Data Engineering Solutions to help the organizations get most of their enterprise data by optimizing analytics, data science, and data warehouse initiatives.

Data Engineering Consulting with VirtueTech: Our solution helps the enterprises power up their ‘Data As a Service’ capability and turn big data pipelines into robust systems prepared for business analytics. We work to enable access to the right format of data at the right time across the enterprise. The solutions help to accelerate the integration of analytics into the business process, reduce time and complexity, ensure compliance with security and privacy requirements so that businesses can effortlessly adapt to new technological changes.

VirtueTech offers a holistic approach for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data at any scale to drive a successful data engineering initiative in an organization.


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Our Data Engineering Offerings include:

Data pipeline 

We develop a complete end to end data pipelines to automate the movement and transformation of data from multiple data sources for computing. Businesses can easily access their stored data, transform and process it at scale without worrying about resource availability, managing inter-task dependencies, and timeouts.

Data processing

Our Data processing solution helps you to retrieve specific information from a source, process, and present it in an easily accessible digital format. Our solution includes cleansing and harmonizing data, performing data transformation, and maintaining data integrity to enhance organizational efficiency, make strategic decisions, and reduce operational cost.

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Blogs & Use cases:

The complete guidebook to Enterprise Data Management

Today, data drives the business world. To gain a competitive edge, enterprises ought to manage the data that transmits through their processes and systems. Enterprise data management (EDM) helps to determine, integrate, and access the data for internal and external applications.

Data Engineering Ecosystem

Data engineering services use generally defined frameworks for visualising data pipelines and the various data engineering tools. Though it might seem hard to implement, data engineering is a future safe and wise decision to use while finding data engineering solutions.

Data Engineering as a Service

Today, every business centers around data. It makes the study of data mandatory. As soon as we hear the phrase ‘study of data’, words like data science, data engineering pops into your mind. Often, people use data science and data engineering interchangeably that is incorrect. So, let us here try to draw a line between data science and data engineering service –