Save an average of 22 – 35% in AWS cloud costs with Cost Optimization Solutions from VirtueTech.

We help customers keep cloud costs under control with cost monitoring and data-driven management, thereby reducing costs with alternative AWS instance types and advanced automation.

  • Capacity Planning and Instance Right-Sizing
  • Cost Monitoring and Analytics
  • Automation for Cost-Effective Scalability (AWS Auto Scaling)
  • Reserved Instance Purchasing
  • Advanced Spot Instance Algorithm, Powered by Spot Instance


In the discovery of such inefficient use of AWS cloud resources, it will uncover that AWS Cloud-Cost optimization is not a long-term process.


Our Best Practices

The on-demand nature of cloud use often results in uncontrolled cloud costs. VirtueTech organizes information by:

  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Resource Availability and
  • Risk Management


This obliges a complete new high-level portrayal of the factors to manage and optimize expend. The old “CapeX” processes used for legacy on-premises data centers or outsourcing contracts can conflict with the “OpenX” benefits that the cloud delivers. As a result, organizations need to develop new approaches and processes to manage and optimize cloud costs.

VirtueTech’s best practices for AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

Reduce spend with cost
savings recommendations

Allocate cloud costs for
show back and charge back

Set up reports and alerts
to monitor cloud costs

Understand clearly where cloud spend is going

This helps organizations break down cloud costs, allocate to business groups and validate the charges, precisely in forecasting their monthly spend.

Our Customers