Cloud Computing Services

Service is in our collective DNA and hence listening is our strength, understanding customer problems and priorities is  part of our culture.

A successful cloud solution requires careful planning, consistent application design approaches, and consistent standards for cloud operations. Virtue Tech is an AWS partner and we ensures that our experts are trained and have access to the latest technologies to provide services and solutions that mitigate risk and achieve maximum business potential.

Using the custom-tailored decisions made for you in the Strategy and Assessment Decision phase, we determine whether your organization’s applications and databases are ready for cloud migration. Below are the various cloud solutions that we help with you:

Database Migration & refactoring

Using cloud computing and cloud data services, design, develop, and modify your databases, leaving behind the antiquated databases of the past. We strive for minimal downtime and seamless migration to the cloud.

Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Migration
Modernize any analytics or BI system such as Teradata and SQLServer with cloud to keep up with enterprise data demands.

Application development and migration

Through custom-made cloud solutions we addresses solution design and architecture, front-end design, and upgrading existing applications to the newest version for improved reliability, security, and access.

Enterprise Services

In order to keep up with your enterprise needs, modernize your enterprise services such as business analytics or business intelligence with customized cloud services.

Cloud Migration and Complete integration

Using our approach to cloud migration, we can get you started on using special cloud services right away

Dev Ops Optimization

We work closely with the operations and engineering teams across geographical team assemblies including – Onsite, offsite, Nearshore, Offshore or Hybrid. Our DevOps team excels in optimizing implementations saving time, money and improving the primary factors – reliability, scalability and security.

QA and Support Services

Out-of-the-box automated tools will allow you to practice the best methodologies when dealing with your cloud implementation; additionally, our round-the-clock support will enable your business to perform at its best consistently.

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