If you seek to migrate to the cloud, we know it can seem daunting and almost impossible at first. That’s why at VirtueTech, we will walk you through the complicated process. We optimize and fit your preferences and needs to your implementation, using our fine-tuned approach.

  • Strategy and Assessment
    Virtue Tech Strategy and Assessment Services approach will give you our best idea of what an implementation for your business could look like. This provides a general overview of what the implementation should be, and how it fits to your expectations. This approach will help you categorize your needs and problems, as well as identify your main business components that give you the best ability to meet business requirements and customer satisfaction.
  • Build Your Business Drivers
    Having clarity around “why” your enterprise should move to cloud will enable you to plan the migration really well. We at Virute Tech helps you identify and make you prioritize your key business drivers such as speed, expansion without construction, increased Business Agility, reduced Operational Costs and ability to meet demand and global capacity.
  • Choose the Right Platform

When moving application workloads to cloud platforms, organizations must choose among five distinct strategies: rehost, revise, rearchitect, rebuild and replace. This research helps technical professionals weigh the trade-offs of each and select the right one for their goals and priorities. Along with right goals you need to select the right service provider or combination of providers and based on your priorities you need to determine the best option of public, private or hybrid cloud solution. Virtue Tech helps perform due diligence for all critical evaluation criteria including architecture, performance, operations, financial, risk, security and compliance to make the best decision.

  • Choosing the right approach
    Best migration approach that meets requirements of your applications is also equally important. Virtue Tech helps in selecting the right option and implementing a solution that takes full advantage of the possibilities that cloud offers such as scalability, AI and machine learning with our Cloud Solutions Services.

Migration Road map: To keep the costs low we use  repeatable frameworks and  standardized road map. This will help in a quick migration and we could operationalize your cloud assets as quickly as possible. In the process of achieving your goals and priorities we work closely with you on infrastructure needs and capacity planning, high level architecture and blueprint to build the future state cloud system with governance and security plan.

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