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Cloud Computing 101

Exploit our Exemplary Cloud Migration Services

VirtueTech is an early adopter of full-suite cloud technologies. We have a long history of successful data migrations for several industries. It led us to diverse experience and technical depth for several cloud projects and its advanced architectural requirements. Having these hands-on skills and expertise, our cloud experts ensure the best outcomes for your business. We have built state-of-the-art solutions and cloud environments for critical business requirements.

Adapt With Emerging Technologies

We help you adapt to modern technologies of cloud by migrating data from legacy systems that are vulnerable to security and comply with required regulatory and compliance requirements of your industry.

Support for Elasticity

Our cloud-based computing solutions allow you to provision on-demand scalability for your business across geographic locations in a few clicks.

Data Recovery

Our cloud-based solutions help you recover data quickly after a disaster. We build systems that ensure error-free data recovery and support for faster set up of business data for smooth operations.

Strategize your Cloud Migration Services with us

We Use A Well-Planned Strategy To Migrate On-Premise Data To Hybrid/Multi-Cloud

Accelerated Migration

We understand the importance of consistent and constant access to business applications and infrastructure. Therefore, our experienced personnel use the full suite of cloud technologies and accelerate on-premise data migration to cloud. We drive value for clients with the best practices and tools.

100 % Data Accuracy

We strive and ensure success to provide 100% accuracy for migrated data, thus ensuring better insights and building models that would enable you to bring value and innovate business.  

Data Security & Governance

We collaborate and ensure adherence to regulatory compliance and data security. Our extensive experience in a cloud environment helps us identify blind spots and security gaps early and develop consistent security solutions to avoid all possible risks.

Our Data Migration Center of Excellence

VirtueTech practices a technology-agnostic approach to solve client’s challenges. By leveraging deep knowledge and broad experience, our cloud-focused experts use tools, platforms, and systems, including emerging technologies, to ensure your technical strategy is supporting your business objectives.


When your existing solution does not suit the growing business needs, our team uses expertise and rebuild it from ground-up on better and efficient platforms. We provide re-architecting services to clients that are running legacy systems, built on frameworks or languages that are no longer supported or hard to maintain.


We migrate systems and platforms to the cloud that needs to operate and decommission your legacy platform as and when appropriate. It mitigates the cost and resources you have been spending on its maintenance.

Verification & Operation

Ensuring that the new cutting-edge cloud-powered apps are effective, we recommend doing a staged deployment. This reduces the risk while helps us identify and rectify pitfalls in the systems if they exist.

Lift & Shift

Whether its legacy systems, off-the-shelf apps, or in-house hosted apps, our cloud leaders rehost data to the cloud as it is. This is a skill that our experts have developed through years of dedication to cloud migration services.


Technology improves operations processes but not when these are not up to date. Therefore, we analyze and upgrade the existing app or packaging apps to cutting-edge platforms while preserving existing functionality and adding more features.


The market is flooded with COTS and other solutions to manage mundane tasks. We assist you in finding and replacing those components that fit in your landscape and business processes.

Why Choose Us?

Our Capability Is Laid On Our Integrated Team And Technology Leadership

Proven Expertise of 10 years
The technical expertise of VirtueTech of over 10 years made us the right choice for on-demand cloud-enablement requirements of those just getting started and also for those who are into cloud for years.
All-Inclusive Services
We act as a single point of contact for all your inclusive cloud requirements. While delivering world-class data migration faster, we provide burst capacity, ensuring support when your business needs it most.
Agile Methodology
At VirtueTech, agile delivery practices are utilized for cloud. Being agile, we smoothly accelerate cloud migrations at scale and help meet different user requirements for multiple business platforms.
Quick Set-Up Of Augmented Team
We are a highly effective and customer-oriented company that is nimble enough in quickly setting-up augmented teams as and when required. You have the flexibility to scale-up and scale-down

With AI & ML And Big Data, We Enhance Your Experience On Cloud

User Friendly/Intuitive  Dashboard

Our global team can help and develop an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, also leveraging AI & ML, making your navigation on-screen through business information smooth.

Analytics & Reporting

Today, interactive business intelligence, predictive analysis, and statistical modeling of business information are crucial. With our keen interest in data visualization and real-world experiences, we build cutting-edge analytics and reporting systems that can also be integrated within dashboards.

Future Innovation Disruptions

With your rich business data on cloud, you can explore and exploit future opportunities to innovate and disrupt your market space.

Our experts are ready to help you reduce cost and minimize risk while innovating at speed with cloud!

The complete guidebook to Enterprise Data Management

Today, data drives the business world. To gain a competitive edge, enterprises ought to manage the data that transmits through their processes and systems. Enterprise data management (EDM) helps to determine, integrate, and access the data for internal and external applications.

Data Engineering Ecosystem

Data engineering services use generally defined frameworks for visualising data pipelines and the various data engineering tools. Though it might seem hard to implement, data engineering is a future safe and wise decision to use while finding data engineering solutions.

Data Engineering as a Service

Today, every business centers around data. It makes the study of data mandatory. As soon as we hear the phrase ‘study of data’, words like data science, data engineering pops into your mind. Often, people use data science and data engineering interchangeably that is incorrect. So, let us here try to draw a line between data science and data engineering service –