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Better business decisions through data

By leveraging your untapped reserves of data, we help provide the insights necessary to power your enterprise and its growth. 

Business Intelligence (BI) systems delve into structured and unstructured data repositories to find insights, inefficiencies, and areas of growth for your enterprise. Providing you with a bird’s eye view of the business processes, allowing the discovery of low visible and potentially high impact opportunities, and areas with limited accountability. Thus, streamlining the business process while also allowing us to find areas of growth and future opportunity.


Our Capabilities

Strategize and Assess

Provide variations of proven methodologies and their implementation considerations best suited for your enterprise. Helping you define your data strategy, understanding the steps to data discovery and provide concrete next steps based off proven methodologies and frameworks.

Data collection & selection

We will help you in identifying data collection points, the duration of the collection process and the ways in which information can be extracted from this data.

BI Design & Implementation

Leveraging advanced analytics such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, statistical and predictive analysis, we help in designing and implementing a BI system that suits your needs and reflects your enterprise’s key performance indicators (KPIs)

Data Governance

Data governance includes data semantics, quality, and lineage. Reliable, high-quality, and pertinent data brings efficiency to the application development, models and to your data users like scientists and analysts. VT Consultants will help you both in governance strategies and designing.

Cloud Data Security, Privacy & Compliance

Support creation of ad-hoc reports, dashboards and visualization to clearly and visually represent the issues and their proposed solutions to the stakeholders.


Why VirtueTech?

      • End-to-End Implementation from BI strategy to system deployment including data gathering, data storage and warehousing, data cleaning, analysis, visualization, and reporting
      • Technical leadership with a passion for technology, bringing in new methodologies and expertise to the table.
      • Proven Experts with extensive experience in cross-industry projects.
      • A time and cost effective implementation, that takes out the guesswork and provides you with results

Our experts are ready to help you reduce cost and minimize risk while innovating at speed with cloud!

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