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VirtueTech has a good proficiency and an enormous experience in serving its customers with any of their needs in AWS Storage Solutions. These can vary from storing customer data in the AWS Cloud, to creating consistent storage across their Cloud or providing on-premise environments to support enterprise and aid business continuity.

As a trusted AWS Technology Partner, we invest our time and resources in providing AWS Storage Solution offerings to our customers to help them adapt and expedite their use of public Cloud. AWS Cloud services at VirtueTech include

Our Offerings

  • Provide an end-to-end implementation of an AI solution, leveraging continuously learning systems to adapt to your needs and provide insights and perform automation for complex repetitive tasks.
  • Proven experts that understand the nuances of different industries that help you strategize and build a roadmap for AI implementation that would maximize the systems utility for your enterprise.
  • A time and cost-effective implementation of some of the most advanced techniques that are utilized by the largest companies
  • Integration of AI systems into your enterprises current analytics and business intelligence systems.

LATEST Applications


AlphaGO: The AI system learnt the rules of a Go, a game that has infinite possibilities by watching thousands of games between players. Understanding the various strategies, employing the best options and finally beating a world champion.

Self-Driving Cars: The systems in self driving cars are learn from each experience, and as such are being driven around the country to understand the nuances, rules and ways in which people drive. Learning to see even the slightest movements, to understand the movement of traffic and how best to adjust in any given circumstances.


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